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We here at CDA Group strive to provide you with the best service so that your business can shine online. We understand the importance of having an online presence. We also understand that in this era, technology has become a major part of your customer’s everyday life. Hence we cater our services to fit your business model and the behavior of your customers so that you will receive maximum results.

CDA Group continues to grow and evolve by keeping up to date with all the technological changes that may affect your business’ potential in an effort to apply preventative measures so that you keep your success and achieve even more.

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What We Do

Web Design & Development

Having a website is absolutely crucial for every business nowadays. We understand this importance and that is why we not only try to provide you with just any website. But a website that will speak to your target market on a subconscious level and steer them in the direction to help them make a buying decision with you!

web development

Search Engine Marketing

Having an internet presence is a must and not having one is strangling your business. But it’s not enough to just be on the internet , you have to take steps to be seen by your potential customer. That is what we do. We employ marketing strategies to get you seen and known so that your business can grow even more.


Social Media Marketing

Your target market is on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other Social Media sites. That is why it is important to position yourself on social media platforms. Social Media Marketing is one of our specialties. We will customize a social media plan that gets you infront of hungry buyers looking for a business like you.

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